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Educational Materials on Exploring Gut Feelings

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You will find on this page some educational materials to be used in exploring one's gut instinctual responses. We have had a number of teachers of introductory psychology classes email us and ask us for further resources on our work to be used in the classroom, handouts, etc., as well as requests for art directives exploring the gut feelings. Please check back to this page frequently as we will be updating it with further materials.

Educational Materials On Exploring Gut Feelings — To be used as Handouts (PDF files in black and white versions of material included for printing):

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In the somatic depth psychology process, the individual moves through a cycle of six phases of depth work beginning and ending the cycle with an initiatory experience. We identify, name, and explain these six phases: Initializing or Opening the Doorway; Identifying; Dislodging; Dispersing or Going Back to the Source; Absorbing; and Integrating Initiation or Experiencing the Self. We have used these 6 phases in our book “What’s Behind Your Belly Button?” to assess the Somatic Reflection Process with gut feelings as a depth process and it may also be used for other mind-body therapeutic modalities to identify as depth process. We hope this will be useful for you in your research and understanding of Depth Psychology:

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, 6 Phases of Somatic Depth Psychology Process



Twelve Keys to Understand Your Gut Instincts and Overcoming Emotional Stress:
This is a black and white printable PDF version for classroom handouts.

Twelve Keys to Understand Your Gut InstinctsHandout, in color



Understand Your Gut feelings and What They are Telling You — Feel Into the Gauge in Your Gut Here is
a pdf black and white version for downloadable educational and classroom handouts:



When We Care  This is a black
and white printable PDF version for classroom handouts.



When We Feel Caring From Others  This is a black
and white PDF printable version for classroom handouts.


We are happy to announce:

"What's Behind Your
Belly Button?"

is now Available on Amazon!

The recently published ground-breaking book, What’s Behind Your Belly Button? explores how using the awareness of our gut responses is successful in improving health through stress-reduction and presents a new Gut Psychology. The clinical experience and research studies of the two authors, Martha C. Love and Robert W. Sterling, demonstrate how when our two centers of intelligent guidance, head brain and gut brain (called in recent medical research at Columbia University as the "Second Brain"), are in balance, they offer greater satisfaction, stress-reduction, and stability to emotional experiences to both individuals and groups in all enterprises of life. The techniques presented may be employed as a healing process to reduce dis-ease and achieve a higher standard of health and satisfaction in our daily lives. When the individual achieves a unity of mind and body and the individual’s instinctive inner needs are met with a reduction of stress in the body, both the person and culture benefit from a higher standard of ethics, morality, health and quality of life.



  Last Updated June 11, 2015


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